Where do you want to get in this life?

I will ask: 

Where do you want to get in this life?

Bringing your focus inward and, for a brief moment, remove all distraction. 

Not having an answer to this question is the very reason you are wasting your precious life. 

Wandering aimlessly; jumping from one quick chase to the other; focusing on what others have and concluding, that what they have, is that what you need. 

What does it matter what others want, when you do not even know your own true desires? 

What does it matter what others want, when your heart, in fact, points in the other direction? 

What does it matter what others want, when you, my dear friend, have your own life inside of your own mind?

I will ask you again:

Where do you want to get in this life?

Be careful listening to your own mind. It is one of earth’s greatest liars: 

Giving you the illusion of control, when there really is no such thing. 

Telling you that things are certain, when they truly cannot be. 

“How do I know then?”, you may ask. 

“By listening to your heart”, I will respond. 

The heart does not go by words, so I have no language to describe it further. 

But I can tell you this: 

Your mind fears your heart. 

It fears its boldness. 

It fears its passion. 

It fears its strength. 

Therefore I will say: 

Follow your fears. It is your heart talking to you. 

Leading you towards the walls that were built by your mind. 

The walls, that are imprisoning you. 

So, I will ask one last time, my friend. This time, leaving you to yourself: 

Where do you want to get in this life?

A letter to The Young Man

This is a letter to The Young Man: 

Your life has been deprived of your soul, while you are willingly looking away. 

And deep down inside of yourself, you know that you are wasting your life. 

Is this really the life you want to live?

Will you continue to run away and distract yourself for the rest of your days? 

Wake up, future King. For you did not come here to stray around the valleys among peasants. The highest mountains are waiting to be conquered by you. 

Staying amongst the mediocre is not a life worth living. 


I will say: “Begin the fight you are fighting already“, knowing you will not understand; secretly hoping, that one day you will discover the beauty of the battle. 

Follow your fear, it will give you the direction. 

Sit with what you are running away from; and the curtains that blind you… will fall. Piece by piece. 

This is the only and last battle you will fight. It will cost you everything you have. But it will also lead you to the place you were seeking for your whole life.

 Before I leave you, future king, there is something your ears need to hear once, so that its echo may reach your heart. 

The porn you consume is sucking your life energy, the time you waste being used by technology is a blindspot you willingly create, the things you spend time on, that do not bring you closer to your goal, lead you farer away from it. 

Your environment is set up to use you, unless you use it for your own good. 

Re-choice your actions, for they are the only thing that matters. 

Peace be upon you.

University of free markets

Looking at the changes being brought by the Corona pandemic, one can observe how more and more people with practical experience and specific knowledge in their field offer workshops and seminars to teach what they have learnt. While the free market is now constantly and increasingly supplying education, the importance of universities will inevitably decrease. Mostly because the usual university is just not able to keep up to the speed of the free market. The money and time that is being put into a 4-years university degree, can also be put in several workshops, seminars and books of a specific field. Combined with practical experience of 4 years, a comparison between a student from a classic university and a student “from the university of free markets” will seem unfair. Yet, it is only one decision that separates both. 

The future is uncertainty itself. The rule is: Constantly adapt or die. 

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